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that's a nine-minute ride. our speed indicators are indicating a pretty good commute as of right now. as we know, things will change as you. fort mchenry tunnel, toll plaza looking good at this hour. a few construction delays around baltimore city, not really going to impact your commute. 795 to 70 looking pretty good, lots of green on your screen. outside we go for a live shot. we'll show you, this is 895 just south of o'donnell street. things are looking good. 895 -- excuse me, 695 at harford road looking good at this hour. we'll do this all again coming up in less than 10 minutes. megan. five minutes away from 5:00 right now. mike, thanks. about a month ago we told you about airlines to shrink their seats to fit more people on a plane. now united airlines is going through with that plan. the airlines says it's going to retrofit 152 of its planes with slimline seats, reducing the seat size. we're talking about 18 inches to then 17 inches, so the change will allow for six extra seats in the cabin.
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united says its passengers really shouldn't notice the change, especially since leg room won't be affected. record number of passengers flew through bwi airport in july. the airport's busiest month ever. we're talking about 2.2 million people walking through the terminals. southwest airlines saw the largest amount of passengers in recent months. several new airlines have started announcing new air service for bwi, and tomorrow spirit airlines is set to start service to dallas-fort worth and fort lauderdale. with texting becoming the way that we communicate the most, it turns out that this may surprise you because voice mail, the usage is actually down. the phone company vonage says the voice mail user accounts left drop from a year ago. apparently we're not bothering to listen to our messages either because vonnage reported they retrieved messages and they actually fell 14%. here's what we're working on for you for "good morning
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maryland" coming up at 5:00 this morning. a glen burnie family distraught after three of their puppies go missing. there's a reward this morning to get those puppies back. we'll tell you that story just ahead. and the connection doctors have found between the size of your teen's waistline and their test scores. those stories and a whole lot more coming up on "good morning maryland" at 5:00. ñ[=
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ravens linebacker ray lewis needed to focus, now the regular season has begun. however, that did not mean that he couldn't do some good deeds between practices and games. he handed out backpacks. this is to students at powerment academy charter school. it happened yesterday. he gave students and staff a little pep talk before handing out all the school supplies. >> prior to giving out the back bags, ray said that we had to set good role models and be good role models for all our students and they have to pay that forward which means they
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have to be good role models for the other students. >> lewis partnered with wal- mart to provide more than 200 backpacks to students at empowerment. well, orioles-mania has now reached new heights. the team tied for first place in the a.l. east. "good morning maryland" at 5:00 starts right now. your pets are your family, so this story stings. this morning a glen burnie man looking for your help to locate his puppies that he says were stolen. the first lady, our governor, there were some memorable moments at the democratic national convention last night. we'll share some of them with you and get reaction this morning. >>reporter: and 27 games left in the major league baseball season and the baltimore orioles are some place they haven't been in 15 years, first place atop the american league's eastern division. a live report for you coming up in just a bit. >> nice to be talking about baseball in september.
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>> unfamiliar territory we're in right now. we'll finally enjoy that fall baseball. >> exactly. thanks for joining us. it's wednesday morning, i'm megan pringle alongside mike massco who's filling in for lauren doing traffic. lynette charles busy with the weather, a lot to talk about today. people want to know about tomorrow. >> they want to know about tomorrow. i think we might have a few showers in, but mainly we'll be dry. we'll get the game in with no problem and we're going to win. how about that? you like that? >>reporter: that's a bold prediction. >> let's talk about what's going on with the weather this morning because we do see maryland's most powerful radar with a few showers trying to pop up across the area, but mainly we are dry. let's zoom into this one lone shower around centreville right now, very light in nature. queenstown getting in on that as well. you see some showers up to the north. if your traveling take you that way this morning, be prepared for some slick weather towards carlisle, this is sliding over toward dillsburg and springs. if you're heading to western maryland, you'll be seeing some showers around cumberland, just be prepared for that.
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temperatures quite warm this morning. we're looking at temperatures close to 80 degrees. here's that hour-by-hour forecast for you, a few showers. it will be warm by lunchtime, coming in at 85 degrees. let's get a check now of the abc 2 news time saver traffic with mike massco. good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. good morning, everybody. a little bit of a hiccup in the traffic department this morning right now on 83 as you make your way towards sharon road. our speed indicator is brought down to about 42 miles an hour, otherwise most of the roadways this morning looking pretty good. most of the crossings this morning looking good. you may find a little trouble going on to the key bridge. we do have some construction working just off key bridge at quarantine road, so just be aware of that. again, fort mchenry, harbor tunnel looking good at this hour. outside we go for a live shot. we'll show you this is the approach at 83 at york road, things looking good at this hour. we'll go to 695 and confirm 695 at harford road looking good and here's drive times, 83 southbound from 695 to fayette street, an 11-minute commute. 795 to 95 around 11 minutes. megan. >> mike, thanks. oh, those o's, after 15
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years baseball and baltimore is fun once again. the orioles are playing well on the road in toronto, and this morning we find -- they find thementz, they are now atop the american league's eastern division. what happens now? well, charley is live down at the park, camden yards. and, charley, we're usually talking football this time of year. how about baseball? >>reporter: yeah, it is baseball time, still baseball time in baltimore, megan. about this time of year most fans are putting up the orange and pulling out the purple and black, getting ready for the raven's season, but the orioles have unfinished baseball right now and some unfinished business for the stretch run into the playoffs, and now they are the hot ticket in the city of baltimore. and why not? they've been playing spectacular baseball, winners of eight of their last 10, including a series win over new york this weekend and they've now won two games in shutout fashion against the toronto blue jays while they're up north of the border. so they've got a four-game set coming into baltimore beginning tomorrow against the yankees, the team with which they're tied atop the division.
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the four-game series and the tickets, they are certainly hot. if you go to some of those subsidiary sites like stubhub or some of those off-brand sites, if you want to pick up a ticket, they can cost as much as $300, $400, one person is asking for as much as $1,000 if you want to see it at camden yard. >> you have the baltimore orioles playing the yankees and we have our baltimore ravens playing almost at the same time, so we're going to show the nation baltimore is a fantastic sports city. >>reporter: baseball is great here once again. mark reynolds has been the story for the orioles throughout the course of these last two series, two returns friday against the yankees, two on sunday and a three-run home run last night in toronto. they won 12-0, but what matters more than anything is they won, new york lost, and this morning the orioles are in first place. low like we were telling you a moment ago, four-game series this weekend at camden yard. that's going to be with the yankees. stadium is quiet right now and dark, and then on monday, like
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you said, megan, back to football because you got the ravens, they're playing post to the cincinnati bengals. >> charley, thanks. we want to see your orioles pride on this hunt for an orange october, so send us your best pictures in your o's gear. even if you're at the game, we would love to see them. e-mail us or you can always upload them to our facebook fan page, share them with everybody, we may even put those pictures on the air. and as fall approaches, we have two teams to cheer on, charley mentioned this. even if the ravens don't play until monday, tonight the celebrating is going to start. that's because the raven's countdown to kickoff week starts live tonight, so get pumped with the cheerleaders, po and the marching band this. is happening from 5:00 to 11:00. tomorrow the raven's cheerleaders will be at the green turtles at mchenry row, autographing their calendar. keep that in mind and mark it
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on your calendar. two teenagers are being charged this morning of mixing chemicals and creating a hazmat scene, this happening in parkville. we're talking about a 19-year- old and an 18-year-old, carl ready. you see them right there on your screen, charged with concocting drugs for huffing. chenoffo's mother says the boys were mixing engine starter fluid with watein plastic bottles. she says she thinks they planned to sell those as an inhalant. she says her son made facebook posts threatening to shoot up local high schools. >> he actually idolizes columbine, he knows their names, he thinks it's fabulous. he idolizes all the people that do that kind of stuff and i'm afraid in the long run he could basically do the same thing to a school and it scares me. >> police say that they have not found evidence yet that a threat like this could have been carried out. a man accused of setting two fires at a denny's in
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harford county still on the loose this morning, but there is a $10,000 reward now being offered for any information leading to an arrest. deputy state fire marshal right now is trying to find a person of interest seen on this surveillance video at the time of both fires. the fires were set in the men's bathroom, but the second one spread, causing about $500,000 in damage. anyone with information is urged to call the state fire marshal's office. one man says he is sick with worry this morning and his wife is losing sleep. their dogs gave birth to some adorable puppies, and right now those puppies are missing. they think they're stolen and they're desperate to get them back. so abc 2 news' linda stow has been following this story. linda, what's happening with this? >>reporter: well, looks like the front door was left open and some of the puppies wandered out. gary sallia from glen burnie says his two chocolate labs recently gave birth to a litter of eight puppies. gary has spent the last three months raising and caring for them. one of the missing puppies is sick and needs to see a vet
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right away. gary has put up signs all over the neighborhood, hoping someone will return his puppies right now. >> i've had several people in the neighborhood go out their windows at me and i have to explain to them why i'm standing in the middle of the street listening to things. and when you explain what you're doing, they all understand and say, well, i wish you the best and i wish them the worst. >> now, gary is offering a $500 reward for anyone who will bring the puppies back home safely. linda stow, abc 2 news. eight minutes after 5:00 right now. first lady michelle obama addressed a crowd at the democratic national convention last night. her goal was to show america that president obama did have a softer side as a family man and a person. she said that her husband lives his values in the white house and that the issues he champions aren't political, but personal to him. >> when it comes to rebuilding our economy, barack is thinking about folks like my dad and like his grandmother. he's thinking about the pride
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that comes from a hard day's work. >> so tuesday night was the first night of the dnc. the president wasn't there. he was watching his wife's address with his daughters back in washington d.c. tonight former president bill clinton will be giving a nominating speech and president obama will appear tomorrow at the event's final night. today senator barbara mccull ski will appear at the democratic national convention in charlotte, but last night all eyes were on our governor. martin o'malley spoke at 10:00 last night about an hour before first lady michelle obama and there are some big issues that the governor will weigh in on here in maryland over the next two months. however, he focused last night's speech on supporting barack obama and attacking mitt romney. >> swiss bank accounts, never created american jobs. governor romney, just because you banked against the united states of america doesn't mean the rest of us are willing to sell her out. >> politico is reporting that
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this morning governor o'malley is set to have breakfast with iowa's delegations de democratic national convention. he's not talking about any plans for 2016, but iowa is a state that holds caucuses before any other state's primaries, something a lot of people are speculating about this morning. 10 minutes after 5:00. let's get a check with lynette and the weather. how's it going out there? >> not too bad. we're pretty quiet right now. if you're heading out to the airport this morning, bwi's temperature at 78 degrees. so that's what we're dealing with this morning, temperatures that are quite warm, well above average. the visibility not such an issue, but we are very humid outside. that sunrise coming in at 6:39 this morning and it is getting later and later. as we look at what's going on on the satellite and radar, not a whole lot of rain out there this morning, but we are dealing with plenty of cloud cover to the north, to the south, and even as we slide further into the atlantic we are talking about tropical storm leslie. i'll have more details on that coming up. but right now let's get a check of the abc 2 time saver traffic with mike massco, good morning. >>reporter: good morning, lynette. good morning, everybody.
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we do have one issue, it's a disabled vehicle right after loch raven boulevard, this is off 695. in fact, we'll take a quick look at the speed sensor, only showing about a nine-minute commute from 83 to 95. so i don't think things are being slowed down too much. we do have 695 at harford cam to confirm that. not really much is happening. in fact, if we could pull that up we'll show you. yeah, that disabled vehicle not affecting the 695 outer or outer loop at this hour. we'll have a check of traffic. megan, back to you. the problem of teenaged obesity is a growing epidemic, affecting millions. there's a new study this morning showing the impact of a child's weight, not only what it could have on their health, but also their academic success. plus ducks on the move. we'll give you an interesting perspective about how they found their way to safety across a very busy interstate. i'll get a build your own burger with something cheesy...
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brings light and fragrance together, to create a mesmerizing experience in your home. try the new color changing candle. something in the air wick. thanks for joining us this morning. you usually hear about the chicken crossing the road, but this is a case of a duck and her family. you get a bird's eye view of this drama as it unfolds. this is back in may. now, a trail of ducklings
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loyally following their mom across several lanes of the sper state traffic and -- interstate traffic as cars and trucks roared by, this little family dodges the best they can. they all make it to the other side safely, so that is the good news with that kind of video pause you always worry, don't get smushed. close call, they all made it okay. hopefully nothing on the road like that right now, right, mike? >>reporter: no. ducks crossing the road? not now. that's subject to change i'm sure across the area. let's take a look at show you what's going on on the big boards. we do have congestion being picked up on 83, in fact, it's between exit 20 and 24 at this hour. so we are noting our speed sensors coming down some. but we aren't getting a report of any kind of wreck or construction in that area. we'll keep an eye on it throughout the course of the morning. construction working 695 at quarantine road making your way into the key bridge, keep that in mind this morning. crossings into baltimore city looking good at this hour. this is a long-term construction project at central avenue at east fayette street in baltimore city. outside we go for a live shot and we'll show you, things
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looking good. we did have a disabled vehicle on 695 before harford road, so we're not seeing any kind of a backup which is some good news. we'll switch shots and we'll show you again things looking pretty good at this hour, 70 at 29, smooth sailing at this hour. we'll talk more about your traffic coming up in less than 10 minutes. let's get a check on the weather and lynette is in the weather center. good morning, lynette. >> good morning, mike. we are monitoring some cloud cover across the area this morning. no type of rain really moving into the picture as of yet, but that could change just like those ducks crossing the road as we go into the afternoon. we'll definitely keep our eyes peeled for that. as we look at wind speed and direction, yeah, picking up a little bit, especially in d.c., we can see the winds out of the south about 12 miles an hour. 8 in baltimore, six in easton, seven in winchester. we are a bit on the breezy side, but those southwesterly winds are warming winds so that's helping to keep the temperatures up this morning with the cloud cover. we also had that warm front slice through. we will have a cold front that's going to move through, dissipate and then we'll have another cold front move through the area as we head into
5:17 am
tomorrow. but in the meantime we're stuck in the tropics, meaning that that tropical air flow is just going to continue. so let's head to the tropics where we are looking at tropical storm leslie right now. looks kind of healthy, especially near the center, getting some deep convection, but we are still dealing with some sheer as we go through time. now, future trend picking up on the wet weather. this is what it looks like as we go into the afternoon for today, so make sure you do have that rain gear. and then by thursday, yes, the game, important. this is a line of showers, looks weak, could move through, but does not look like a washout whatsoever. then we dry out nicely, looking pretty good, especially as we head into friday. today's forecast, though, i'm going with 88 degrees and humid. megan. >> thanks, lynette. health news this morning, about one in 12 americans under the age of 18 have what's called metabolic syndrome. it's a combination of obesity, high blood pressure, prediabetes and other risks. a recent study shows teenagers with metabolic syndrome score significantly lower on math and spelling exams and have lower attention spans.
5:18 am
researchers say that the findings are a warning for families as even a few years of metabolic syndrome may cause brain complications. stay with us this morning because it is never any fun, you go out with your friends, the check comes and you all say, fk, we're going to go dutch. that may be a thing of the past because one student has an idea designing an app to help patrons with their bills. and the world's largest fast food chain is going to do a new business model. the new franchise idea that mcdonald's is rolling out that could find its way to a street corner near you. [ woman ] ring. ring.
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question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. chase freedom is offering 5% cash back at gas stations this quarter. wow, thanks! beep. beep. activate your 5% cash back at thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. when you order food with a big group of people and nobody has the cash, splitting the bill, it can sometimes be a little tricky. well, one college student wants to make it a little easier for you. rory stoaltsenberg created an app. it's called foodio. it's a new way to order takeout food from your phone with the app and you can place the order and each person can basically pay their share with the app via their credit card. so basically that $20 pizza shared by four friends right
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now only $5 per person, only that's not the only advantage this app has to offer. there's also an order feature for ahead. >> so if you're running late for work or class and you don't have time to wait in line for your coffee, you can order five admissibilities in advance. >> so you can pick up your order, walk out the door without even waiting in line. right now this app only available to university of virginia students, however, stoaltsenberg hopes that he can soon expand it. feeling a little packed like sardines when you're flying the maybe not-so- friendly skies? coming up the changes coming next year to one airline that might make you feel a little more cramped when you travel. we'll explain. and eating out soon could come with some added sea. we'll explain why some restaurants now are charging premiums to get in the door. it's an idea that one report claims is catching on. what does fall smell like?
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it's wednesday morning, september 5th. just when you thought flying coach couldn't get any more cramped, get ready for a tighter squeeze. united airlines has announced
5:26 am
plans to install slimmer seats to fit more passengers. the airline says they're going to retrofit about 150 seats on -- or 150 of their planes to have those slimmer seats. that's reducing the seat size just one inch, 18 inches to 17 inches. the change will allow for six extra seats in the cabin. and united airlines says the passengers probably won't even notice the change, especially since leg room won't be affected. some people pay a little extra to be the first to board a flight or maybe fork out a little more money for a hotel room over the holiday weekend, but when it comes to restaurants, are you ready to pay a premium? it's already happening at fine dining establishments in new york city. in that area, and it actually could be coming closer to us. technology is helping to pave the way. you can actually book online reservations for 1,000 restaurants. this is called but you only get discounts for dining and during off-peak hours. yesterday it was a naked
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man walking down the street in arkansas. get ready because today another police encounter with a man wearing only a smile. we're going to bring you the details of a lengthy standoff between authorities and a man in the buff. also ahead this morning, a family taking on one airline, this after they say that their son was discriminated against because of his special need. we'll tell you what happened just ahead. good morning, everyone. topping america's money, a sign american airlines could be emerging from bankruptcy. a federal judge will allow the airline to throw out its existing contract with its pilots which would help lower its payroll. the airline has 7,500 pilots. the national debt is now more than $16 trillion. that works out to about $51,000 for every american. democrats and republicans blaming each other for that record number. and facebook is playing defense as its stock hits new lows. ceo mark zuckerberg has promised he's not going to sell off any of his shares for at
5:28 am
least a year. the social network is also planning to buy back several million shares. and mcdonald's planning to open a restaurant in india where it will not serve a big mac or any other meat. the chain will open its first vegetarian-only restaurant there, the mcdonald's existing in india already have menus that are 50% vegetarian. that's america's money. i'm paula farris. have a great day. is
5:29 am
the governor takes center stage in front of the nation. governor o'malley speaks at the dnc. what did he say and how did he do? plus parents want their children to feel safe when they head off to school, but after what happened at perry hall high school, it's not so easy for moms and dads, so we're going to tell you how ey
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